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What Matters

      In this day and age everyone knows someone or have themselves experienced or continue to experience some form of anxiety or depression.  I don't think that in of itself is unique but it seems we have grown more and more complacent with being this way and not making efforts to change it.  Every condition has a name now and we almost accept that name as a validation and then hold on to it!  While we accept these conditions for ourselves and allow our outlook to become more and more bleak we also accept it and in fact come to expect it from others.     When is the last time you said Good Morning to a random person?  When is the last time you got a Please or a Thank you?  I find more and more you can't even get common courtesy at a store or restaurant when you are giving them your own hard earned cash!  Yea, your probably reading that thinking, What's the big deal?  But you see, that IS the big deal!       I was surprised the other day when someone complemented my dog.  A


       To get the shot or not.  The fact that so many people are even considering that speaks volumes for the trust issues we have with our government.  We can separate us in to two groups really.  Those that would take it without hesitation "trusting" and those that won't "untrusting".  To be clear, I have nothing to say to or about the "trusting" group.  Your decision is solid.  Good on ya.  I want to talk about the group I fall in.     This won't be a deep delve into my trust issues with the government.  After all, we just got started here.  We will have time a plenty to get into that.  Rather, let's just glaze over the fact that those of us who fell into this group literally debated trusting this shot and.. death.  I've heard every sort of conspiracy theory but to be honest none of that is what influenced me.  I'm also not an anti-vaxxer.  With the exception of the flu shot I'm up to date on everything I should have and I firmly