To get the shot or not.  The fact that so many people are even considering that speaks volumes for the trust issues we have with our government.  We can separate us in to two groups really.  Those that would take it without hesitation "trusting" and those that won't "untrusting".  To be clear, I have nothing to say to or about the "trusting" group.  Your decision is solid.  Good on ya.  I want to talk about the group I fall in.

    This won't be a deep delve into my trust issues with the government.  After all, we just got started here.  We will have time a plenty to get into that.  Rather, let's just glaze over the fact that those of us who fell into this group literally debated trusting this shot and.. death.  I've heard every sort of conspiracy theory but to be honest none of that is what influenced me.  I'm also not an anti-vaxxer.  With the exception of the flu shot I'm up to date on everything I should have and I firmly believe children Should be immunized.  So, where did I lose faith?

Unanswered Questions

  • FDA - Drugs are ok so long as there aren't "too many deaths".  Oops our bad, that one is killing too many let's recall.
  • Other Countries - Why is the U.S. the only one that seems to need so many flu shots every year?
  • Questionable Statistics - If you research "Flu related deaths" from recognized sites,, you start to find the numbers don't match.
  • The Push - Why is there such a strong push to get this vaccine every year?
  • The Flu - We aren't actually curing it.
    The FDA is a topic for another time.  If you haven't researched the FDA... start there.

    It perplexes me that we alone seem to have this major problem with The Flu.  This and the fact that every year seems to be a new variant is my main reason for not getting The Flu shot.  I think I'll stop capitalizing The Flu now.  Anyway I know people who have gotten the shot and still gotten the flu while people who haven't gotten the shot can usually tell me about once or twice in the past that they remember getting the flu.  So I don't really see what the big deal is and the push really throws me off

    In my life I have had the flu once.  It sucked horribly.  It passed.  If you haven't had it and want to know what it is like, I will detail my experience.  Let me start by saying though that I hadn't had a vacation in about three years and I got the flu on the day my vacation started and recovered on the day it ended.  Ironic huh?  Anyway if you take that nasty feeling you get when you have a bad cold and ad to it what it would feel like to go a few rounds with Mike Tyson with him focusing mostly on body shots you are halfway there.  Top that off with profuse sweating, fever and a headache and you have a good picture.

    Then there are the statistics.  Again, if you research this, the first thing you will notice is the numbers don't match up.  So I started to search why.  Well it turns out that a lot of similar symptoms are being counted and grouped up to give these exaggerated numbers.  This is both for those who have been symptomatic and those who have died.  

    Ok so that is all about me and the flu and to summarize; The data isn't solid, we seem to be the only country having this problem, I am very skeptical about this major push that is always going on for it and the shot itself doesn't guarantee anything.  People still get the flu.  So this is the skepticism I came in with when thinking about the covid shot.

I got the shot

    My concerns varied with the covid shot.  I did all the mask wearing.  I looked around in astonishment as our country (and presumably the world) was shut down.  I wondered at why some business could open and others couldn't.  Finally I gawked at the fact that you could go out and eat or drink without a mask but not buy groceries.  Theories flew and mistrust was deep.  

    So what changed?  Well, my son.  In the end it wasn't some miraculous breakthrough that I had.  It wasn't an eye opening.  It was simply this.  I am going through a divorce and I don't want anything to possibly interfere with seeing my son.  So the decision was this:  Do I give in to my mistrust and risk not seeing my son?  Of course not.  I would die for him in a moment.  No questions asked.  No hesitation.

    I know you are not all in this situation.  Frankly before anyone finds this covid may be a thing of the past.  But who knows, maybe there is something else around the corner.  So what is the takeaway?  Find a reason.  I know in the end not everyone will get it.  But hopefully enough people do to put this issue behind us.  Will I get the flu shot?  Probably not.  Will I jump on the next vaccine if there is another pandemic?  Probably not.  Would I do it all again if seeing my son was on the line?  In a heart beat.

What was it like?

    So at least I can give you some feedback on the shot.  It wasn't bad.  If you recall your tetanus shot, it was like that.  Quick pinch in the arm, bit of soreness.  Lasted two days vs. pretty quick with the tetanus shot.  I felt a bit sick the following two mornings but it cleared up during the day.  That's it.  I think we make these things out to be a bigger deal then they are.  After all it's just you and your thoughts with no one to counter them.

    All in all I'm glad this is almost over (I hope).  The Country is slowly opening up again.  People are unmasking again.  It's nice to get closer to normal.  I hope you make a good decision you are comfortable with.  I hope you and your family, friends and neighbors all come out of this well.  

Thanks for stopping by,
Stay Healthy


  1. It is nice to see others with the same mistrust in the government that is so tainted. With your recount I think I will get the shot as well. Nice to hear about minimum side effects at least once!


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